The Cohen and Krass team kicks 2016 off with a Best Practice win!

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March 3, 2016
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April 6, 2016
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The Cohen and Krass team kicks 2016 off with a Best Practice win!

We are excited to say we have rolled into 2016 on a positive note, winning a Best Practice Award from John Peterson of Best Practice, an organisation that delivers programs and support tailored for accountants and professional service providers to help them achieve ‘best practice’ status.

We received this award upon successfully completing the Foundation stage of the Business Mastery program. This journey has involved evaluating and improving ten main elements of the business to ensure efficiency, growth and strength: 

  1. Board

  2. Leadership

  3. Marketing

  4. Sales

  5. Production

  6. Administration

  7. Finance

  8. Systems, IT & QA

  9. Human Resources

  10. Innovation

Being part of this Best Practice Program has already seen us make positive changes including a new website and initial foray into the world of social media.

We look forward to making more positive changes as we apply our learnings over 2016 – learnings that will not only benefit us, but our clients too!

You can have a look at our award win video here.

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